Master Thesis Supervised
Name Thesis title Year
Lyna BELLIL and Maissoun Ghozelen GHIRI Breaking Barriers in Healthcare Communication: Empowering the Deaf Community in Arabic-Speaking Countries through CNN-Based Algerian Arabic Sign Recognition Systems 2023
Yaakoub Saidi and Moncef Ayoub Khalfaoui DZchatbot: A Medical Assistant Chatbot in the Algerian Arabic Dialect 2022
Romaissa Arroudj and Houssem-Eddine Mammeri Human Activity Recognition in Smart Homes by using Deep Learning: Towards Improving the Air Quality in Houses by Predicting Human Activities 2022
Adel Beggag and Mustapha Zedadik Steganography in Arabic Text 2021
Abdeladim Fadheli and Mustapha Khial Sentiment Analysis on Algerian Dialact with Transformers: Sentiment Analysis with Deep Learning on Algerian Youtube Comments using BERT Transformer 2021